A matter of rankings  

It seems that while most people would not typically like to be ranked, they can find any number of rankings to be interesting.  Similarly, most people would rather read about rankings than create the rankings themselves.  We are no different.  However, we also believe that it is helpful to put experiences and things in some sort of order, if not as an assessment of their respective individual merit then perhaps as another way to manage the many floating bits of memories in one's mind.  Throughout our website, we offer up a host of comparisons and rankings, some more direct than others.  Sometimes, we even use organized ranking methods, which are explained below.        


Between the two of us, we stand for good dining and we try our best to find and note the meals that we like and love.  Of course, when it comes to matters of taste and opinion, differences are bound to happen.  We embrace them with open arms and welcome divergent thoughts.  In the mean time, here is an unscientific system that we concocted to allow us to place in relative order the meals that we had.  Note that this ranking does not differentiate between a multi-star restaurant and a no-star hole-in-the-wall.  What really matters, subjectively, is the quality of the food served as well as the dining experience.

There is absolutely no redeeming value to this place.  If it didn’t have to stay, even this bag would have left the logo.
Sometimes it is necessary to eat to live and one gets a pass for having to do so at this place; but use the pass sparingly, if at all.
A subpar performer, this place is either on the verge of making the cut or being demoted to the minors.
A good, solid place where every meal, every where should be or aspire to be.  No more, no less.  
A very good place, close to perfection.  Only a few gets to the next level, so this is not a bad place to be, far from it.
Everything, everything, is beyond compare here.  This place walks on water and can do no wrong, ever.

Price categories.  For dining, prices are for a main course for one person.  If a prix-fixe menu was chosen, then the price category reflects the cost of the entire menu.  For desserts, prices are for the item ordered for one person.

8€ or less

$8 or less


9€ - 16€

$9 - $16


17€ - 24€

$17 - $24


25€ or more

$25 or more


At the very least, a good hotel should provide a comfortable bed and a clean refuge for the tired travelers.  Everything else is really icing on the cake, which one pays for as one wishes to suit one’s desires.  Unlike the ranking of dining experiences, however, it is difficult to compare a five-star hotel and a one-star pension without taking into account that status quo, which is, after all, partially determined by the amenities the former offers that the latter lacks.  We don't see a way around this but we'll also do our best to take into account the whole of the staying experience in our assessment.

Don’t stay here. Our unfortunate experience should be the last by anyone.
This place provides a bed in a room with a door that locks.  What else were you expecting?
A work in progress, this place starts to look and feel more like what is typically called a hotel.
It’s a hotel, no more, no less.  This place has all the basics down and you won’t have any complaints; a fair bargain for the buck.  
A nice and ambitious place that goes beyond just what is expected and begins to flirt with the things that people would gladly throw money at.
A splendor like this is a destination all on its own.  You’ll be excused for, or even expected, not leaving your room or the hotel at all.

Price categories.  Prices are for a double room at the accomodation.

80€ or less

$80 or less


81€ - 160€

$81 - $160


161€ - 240€

$161 - $240


241€ or more

$241 or more


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