Maybe it’s the imperfections – the peeling plaster, the crumbling buildings, the hotchpotch layout – that are the real charm and gem of this otherwise tourism-centric city.  Maybe these lovely flaws of a nevertheless beautiful place are best seen in the weak light of a winter day.  If so, maybe the best way to attempt to capture its ethereal images is to go on a walk with a Holga with its own store of surprises and limitations.
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It’s just like déjà vu.   The red-bricked Saint Mark’s Campanile (rebuilt in 1912) is said to have inspired a similar granite-clad bell tower (built in 1914) in a part of the world that is very near and dear to our hearts.  Also, in this first foray into the world of color 120 films, the results we got bring to mind memories of thumbing through the faded snapshots in the family photo albums.
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