K1 - Light Sabre

He is the oldest K.  His superhero name is “Light Sabre.”  He shoots light beams that cut through any material and help him to fly.  Don’t look into the light, it will blind you.  K1’s favorite color is ___.


K2 - Elastica

He is the middle K.  His superhero name is Elastica.  He is very flexible and can take any shape.   He is also very tough and nothing can cut through his body.  His favorite color is ____.


K3 - Prof. Brain

He is the youngest K.  His superhero name is Professor Brain.  He can design the most complicated machine to do anything.  Don’t underestimate him because he’s small.  His favorite color is ____.

Elastica & Dodo by K2

KN Boy by K2

Light Sabre by K1

Mammoth by K1

Prof. Brain by K3

Gorilla by K3


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