When we talk about the 13th, we are using the shorthand for the Chinatown of Paris (which itself is a bit of a misnomer because almost every Asian ethnicity is represented here).  Specifically, we are referring to the abundance of food choices in this arrondissement, most of which could be had for a real bargain when compared with the prices in the central part of town.  More than just cost, however, one can find here the authenticity that is often lacking elsewhere.  While some people may not think of eating anything but “French” food when they visit, by doing so, they would be mistaken and selling themselves short of the multicultural experience that is this modern-day capital.

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Three Baguettes
Paris Vietnam
100, avenue de Choisy
M° Tolbiac

Euro - 9 to 16
  Please enjoy the photographs while the review is being translated from the French!
  Same name, different presentation:  The bun cha Hanoi (8.20€) but why isn’t the grill pork sitting in the fish sauce bath?
  Another joint, another crêpe vietnamienne:  The banh xeo (7.90€) and its accoutrements.
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