The Fifth, that arrondissement that encompasses all of those colleges and their young minds and what remnants of the bohemian vibes left of the Latin Quarter of yore, has its own share of dining choices that range from everything touristy and high-end pricy to hipster cuisine and reasonable bargain.  Whenever we feel like something new but do not want to venture too far, we simply hop across the forgettable boulevard Saint-Michel into our neighboring borough for our next meal.

  How would you like start exploring the culinary possibilies of the cinquième today?

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With a map for a menu, we invite you to explore the virtual dining options of the 5th arrondissement to your appetite’s content.  The color of the markers corresponds to our own home-brewed rating system, les baguettes.  Here’s a quick key:

    = 1 baguette     = 2 baguettes     = 3 baguettes     = 4 baguettes     = 5 baguettes


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What you can do:

  • Click on the markers to see storefront photos and links to reviews.
  • Zoom in and out using the bar on the left; drag the map around with your mouse.
  • Click on “View Larger Map” to see the entire map in one go.
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Sometimes the food is as beautiful to the eyes as it is delectable to taste buds.  Here, we invite you to peruse the images of the meals and snacks the 5th arrondissement has to offer.  Place your cursor over the images to see the establishments underneath and click on them to go to the reviews.

El Sol y La Luna
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Not feeling geographically or photographically inclined?  How about just seeing these places in plain old catagories?


How many baguettes?  The restaurants and shops according to our very own rating system.

5 baguettes

4 baguettes

3 baguettes

2 baguettes

1 baguette

Where in the world?  You can eat almost anything here, almost, and Parisians really do.

Mexican / Latino


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