The sixth is the center of our Parisian universe.  Though we take up just a tiny sliver of its 0.8 square mile (about 300 square feet to be exact), we have spent a large chunk of our dining hours within its boundaries, everywhere from hole-in-the-wall joints to nicer sit-down restaurants to the well-frequented Monoprix supermarket for a meal back at home.  There remain many known and unknown gems to be sampled but we have no doubt that we will get through most of them, or fail trying.  After all, we love eating as much as we love living where we live.
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Four Baguettes
4, rue de Buci
M° Mabillon

Euro - 8 or less
There are 12 Amorino boutiques in Paris and we have visited 8, a few of those on a regular basis.  In fact, one of the most anticipated events this summer was the opening of a branch on rue Guisarde, a mere block away from our apartment.  When it comes to gelato in Paris, this is our hands-down recommendation.  Our wedding planner is even looking into having Amorino flavors at our wedding.  (We thought we could simply buy a few large tubs, throw them in a big ice chest, and have Nez’s brother serve them at the chateau.  The wedding planner thinks otherwise.)

Gelato here is sold like this:  (1) Get in line and tell the cashier what size you want and whether you want it in a cone or a cup; and (2) proceed to the front of the large display cases full of delicious looking ice cream, hand the scooper your receipt (it could be the same person as the cashier) and tell him/her the flavors you want.  Apparently, you could go with multiple flavors, depending on who is serving you.  We like to stick with two each time; Nez likes her petit on a cone and Riot likes his petite in a cup (both 3€).
  Skip a meal and save for a gelato instead:  A petite coppa (3€) with coco and yogurt.

When we first started going here, we were overwhelmed with the seemingly endless choices of flavors.  They all looked so deliciously inviting but the long line behind us always compelled us to make our decisions quickly.  (There is the same dilemma with bakeries.  The baked goods are beautifully set out but one does not have enough time to just linger and take them all in.)  Rather than getting frustrated, we instead took the eminently reasonable approach of coming back as many times as possible to try all the flavors that catch our eyes.  After all this time, we have narrowed the selections down to the following favorites: coco, pistache, and mangue.

Where else?  11 other locations throughout Paris.  (See website.)
  On a cold day, why not have a gelato after dinner:  This is Nez’s mom with her cup of mangue and pistache in her gloved hands.
  Going with the flow:  To jump on the winter bandwagon, hot chocolate (4€) is offered in 28 different flavors.
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