The sixth is the center of our Parisian universe.  Though we take up just a tiny sliver of its 0.8 square mile (about 300 square feet to be exact), we have spent a large chunk of our dining hours within its boundaries, everywhere from hole-in-the-wall joints to nicer sit-down restaurants to the well-frequented Monoprix supermarket for a meal back at home.  There remain many known and unknown gems to be sampled but we have no doubt that we will get through most of them, or fail trying.  After all, we love eating as much as we love living where we live.
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Coffee Parisien
4, rue Princesse
M° Saint-Germain-des-Prés or Mabillon

Euro - 9 to 16
We passed by this place many times and it was always packed.  It also reminded us of a familiar brunch place from home.  So, today we decided to grab dinner here after not eating all day.  When we arrived we almost had the entire place to ourselves and the waiters were having their own dinner of burgers with knives and forks.  It was only then that we realized that the time was only 7 p.m.  The dinner crowd would not arrive for a while.  We took advantage of this and grabbed a prized table straddling the sidewalk and interior.

For (early) dinner Nez got her hands dirty with a cheeseburger (13.50€) and Riot devoured the B.B.Q. spare ribs (13.50€); both were excellent and worth every one of the many, many centimes.  The cheddar was melted just right on top of a juicy patty and they both were complemented with a portion of crunch potato wedges (hash brown was the other option).  Riot’s small portion of tender ribs was pleasantly bathed in a thick coat of B.B.Q. sauce and came with cole slaw and a baked potato.  This was artery-clogging food but in such a moderate portion it seemed deceptively harmless.  With this, we had found a place – home of the thirteen euro burger – to run to whenever the urge for things American comes surging forth; Nez was additionally happy that she had found a place for her breakfast and brunch loving dad.
  Something quick and healthy:  The Californian chicken burger (13.50€) that assumes people of the Golden State like fresh spinach and mayonnaise au soja with their burgers.
While waiting for the food to arrive, Nez took pleasure in playing trivia with presidential history, inspired by the imprints of all the U.S. presidents on the table paper mats.  (J.F.K. appeared to be the house favorite judging by his many appearances all around.)  Riot, with his store of trivial facts, was more than happy to comply.  Just in time for the presidential election, Coffee Parisien whipped up a special edition of the table mat that requested the diners to cast their own vote; the result, it is surmised and hoped, here as at home, is a foregone conclusion.

Where else?   7, rue Gustave Courbet (16e) (  •  46, rue de Sablonville (Neuilly-sur-Seine) (
  Something quick and yummy:  The baconcheeseburger (one word) (14.50€) comes with véritable cheddar and “ranch potatoes.”
  Almost too pretty to eat:  The eggs benedict (13€) is all about the sauce hollandaise, consumed in moderation.
  Put everything in the eggs:  The omelet special (11€) comes with extras like hash browns and salad.
  An is that it moment:  They can’t charge that much for such a simple dish, can they?  The scrambled eggs (10€).
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