The sixth is the center of our Parisian universe.  Though we take up just a tiny sliver of its 0.8 square mile (about 300 square feet to be exact), we have spent a large chunk of our dining hours within its boundaries, everywhere from hole-in-the-wall joints to nicer sit-down restaurants to the well-frequented Monoprix supermarket for a meal back at home.  There remain many known and unknown gems to be sampled but we have no doubt that we will get through most of them, or fail trying.  After all, we love eating as much as we love living where we live.
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One Baguette
Lina’s Café Médicis
13, rue de Médicis
M° Cluny - La Sorbonne

Euro - 8 or less
Sometimes a girl just wants a good old sandwich for lunch and it is simply a joy to oblige.  Mais oui, said Riot one day when Nez declared that she had found a sandwich place right across the Jardin du Luxembourg.  On a slight bend in the road leading away from the busy boulevard Saint-Michel, we came upon a place that only later did we discover to be a huge international franchise.  For the time being it felt more like a sophisticated mom-and-pop place to us.  We got a pastrami sandwich (6.20€) and a jambon et fromage sandwich (5.50€), to the latter Nez requested the addition of avocat (1.30€).  Though neither the display cases nor the menu boards grabbed us, we nevertheless enjoyed our competent sandwiches.  (The burn marks in the image below in no way affected the taste.)  Nez, however, did have to go back to the counter to ask for her avocado because sometimes if you wanted it enough you would have to hunt it down.   This is no New York deli (whatever that is) and not even a San Francisco deli.   But like most things with a slight downside in Paris, one does not have to look far for an upside.   As we sat at one of the sidewalk tables we had front row view of the amazing collection of journalistic photographs of the temporary exhibit adorning the perimeter fence (perimeter fence!) of the Jardin.   We spied a man intensely studying the finely-made photo of a Japanese master sword smith and a couple stealing an impromptu kiss in front of an image of an Israeli soldier and a Palestinian man getting in each other’s face.   We ate it all up.
  Just off the grill:  The pastrami sandwich (6.20€), left, and its brethren, the jambon et fromage sandwich (5.50€) with extra avocado, right.

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