Paris cannot be properly remembered without all the meals one has had the pleasure of partaking in within her reaches.  We remember ours here in the guise of reviews but really to remind us of the delight they brought to our palates and to entice you the next time your stomach growls in the City of Lights.

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Where do they stand?  There is a wide latitude in taste and we do not pretend to be culinary arbiters.  However, there has to be some way of telling one meal from another and so this is ours.  It is called les baguettes and it ranks restaurants from 1 to 5 baguettes, in increasing excellence.

5 baguettes

4 baguettes

3 baguettes

2 baguettes

1 baguette

   Everything, everything, is beyond compare here.  This place walks on water and can do no wrong, ever.

   A very good place, close to perfection.  Only a few gets to the next level, so this is not a bad place to be, far from it.

   A good, solid place where every meal, every where should be or aspire to be.  No more, no less.

   A subpar performer, this place is either on the verge of making the cut or being demoted to the minors.

   Sometimes it is necessary to eat to live and one gets a pass for having to do so at this place; but use the pass sparingly, if at all.

   There is absolutely no redeeming value to this place.  If it didn’t have to stay, even this bag would have left the logo.

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