The rest of the time we ate (and snacked).
“You two really love to eat!” exclaimed Sissi, at last.  The road to this epiphany is littered with a long list of Parisian spectacles bookended by meals and snacks.  We would eat then shop then eat some more.  Or, we would eat, walk, eat, see a museum, and, of course, eat again.  Eating shares the same billing as the Louvre and les Grands Magasins, and in the short period of time Sissi visited this city, the three of us excelled at it deliciously.  Of Sissi’s observation:  Guilty as charged.

   À la carte.

We invite you to explore the virtual dining options on this map to your appetite’s content.  We had the great pleasure of sharing these personal favorites with Nez’s mom on her recent visit.


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  • Zoom in and out, drag the map:  Explore other areas such as the 1st arrondissement (up), 4th (upper right), 8th (upper left), 13th (lower right), and 15th (lower left).
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   Food for the eyes.

Sometimes the food we eat is as beautiful to our eyes as is delectable to our taste buds.  Here, we invite you to discover the meals and snacks we had with Sissi on her first romp through Paris.  Place your cursor over images to see establishments behind the photos and to go to the reviews.

LAs du Fallafel
Coffee Parisien
LArbre de Sel
Leon de Bruxelles
Sadaharu Aoki
Le Loir Dans La Theiere
Au Pied de Fouet
Pierre Herme
Pizza Positano
Chez le Libanais
Malongo Cafe
Pho Mui
Creperie des Arts
Song Heng
Bagel Place
Sushi House
Au Ptit Snack
Le Petit Pontoise
Eric Kayser

   Ticking off the list.

Not feeling geographically or photographically inclined?  How about the places we went with Sissi in nice little categorical groupings?


When in France.  Obligatory sit-down “French” or French-speaking cooking.

Something in the simplicity.  Food for the aimless strolls and endless parks.

Sweet to the taste.  Dessert as a meal all on its own and reverently consumed.

The old world.  Hailing from halfway across the world, feeling right at home.

The new world.  Coming from across the pond to satisfy the cravings of home.

The known world.  Cuisines from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Le shopping     Le shopping was but the half of it.

What comes first?  Dining or shopping in Paris?
Like that other age-old circular conundrum there is no answer
to this question eithr.  The two go hand in hand, and one
naturally leads to the other and then back again.  |go!|


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