All the world’s a kitchen and we mere diners lucky enough to feast on its wondrous offerings.  We, Nez and Riot, have certainly been very lucky to be living in such a great place where food is not what you do in between the other events of your life but is a full-fledged life event in and of itself, and sometimes, an event all on its own.

But it wasn’t always so.  Riot grew up in a town where the culinary pecking order was as follows, in order:  microwave fare at 7-Eleven, fast food chains, a Chinese restaurant, and (drum roll please), for really special occasions, a now-closed Lyon’s!  Mercifully, he got out of there as soon as he could and never looked back.  Nez had it slightly better; she lived in a place where there was actually a stretch of restaurants and shops.  Yet, it was still just one street.  

So, as we do with everything else we do, we’re going to celebrate the tastes of life in these pages.  We’ll celebrate the gastronomical taste of life the same way we cherish the physical, amorous taste of a lover’s kiss or recount the metaphorical taste of victory or defeat.  Imagine how it would be if every meal you have has a story to tell.  There is always a story; you just have to find and tell it.

All the world’s a kitchen.  Here are our memories.

North America
South America

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