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   We remember so we can taste life twice.

Two years.  Two years ago, 51 people came together in Paris.  There, they lived and laughed and loved and left, and left in their wake a trail of beautiful memories that stretch on to the present and stretch back to the past and a place in the world we now have every right to call our own.

We, Riot & Nez, remember it all.  Won’t you come along and relive the memories with us again, or for the very first time?  Click here or the red button on the left.

(Thanks to Anaïs and James for coming up with great lines so we don’t have to.)


   A note to bookend a wonderful two weeks.

We are at a complete loss for words (and that is truly rare considering our penchant for verbosity).  One by one, each of you came off the plane or train or car and made the last two weeks in June in this little place in the world the best two weeks anyone could have asked for.

We cannot adequately express our gratitude for all the hoops you had to jump through to get here, for all the good meals we shared, for the countless drinks at the bar, on the street, by the river, for the long and short, deep and incoherent conversations, for the many miles you walked and many more miles we made you walk, for dancing until the break of dawn, night after night, for taking a dip in the pool attired in your finest, for kicking around a ball in the midday heat to prove that one family dominates athletically over the other (we all know who won on the pitch), for sitting through our unorthodox ceremony (and gladly participating in it), for your beautiful wishes and words and gifts, and for making us two of the happiest individuals alive for having received the love you gave, and continue to give, so readily, so completely.

It is truly the mark of real friendship that we all picked up exactly where we had left off, whether we last saw each other a few months ago or a few years.  Beyond old friendships that withstood the test of time, we were extremely happy to see that our guests came as strangers to others and came away with budding friendships having formed in the short time here.

Last, but definitely not least, to all who were not able to join us in person, we were always thinking of you and your love and support were always present with us.  We cannot wait to share these memories with you.

We are truly blessed to have friends and family like you.

With love,
Nez & Riot
Paris, July 2009


   Memories and images.

Please click on the links on the left for a sampling of the memories of the wedding celebration and be sure to check back often.  We would also love to add your own images to our bucket of memories.  So, send them our way if you haven’t, would you?



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