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We hope that by now, regardless of snow, rain, heat, gloom of night, or strikes, something special has found its way to your mailbox.  We also hope that you have had a chance to view it, and if not in its entirety then at least fast-forwarding to the very end.  

Below are some explanatory notes about the movie.  Please drop us a line to let us know what you think about our little production.  


    Movie Notes.

Who is Mr. Gopnik?  The “Mr. Gopnik” who “instructs” in the title of our movie is Adam Gopnik, a writer for The New Yorker who, in 1995, moved to Paris with family to write the Paris Journal column for the magazine.  They stayed for five years and an expanded collection of his Paris essays was published as the book “Paris to the Moon” in 2000.


(Image courtesy of

What’s the story behind “Anna (Go To Him)”?  Before The Beatles covered this song, it was released in 1962 on Dot Records, a company with Tennessean roots.  This original version, which we included and paid homage to in our movie at 19:41, was performed by the songwriter himself, Arthur Alexander, and produced by Nez’s late grandfather.


About the cover art.  Aside from the nice diploma from the Istituto Marangoni (famous alumni include Domenico Dolce, one half of Dolce & Gabbana), Nez also came away from her summer fashion class with a knack for sketching fashion-like figures.  Her design for the cover depicts what we both aspire to look like on a good day in Paris.


Who are the missing pieces, Tigger and Mochie?  (25:44)  When Nez first met Riot and his cats, she instantly declared that if they were to break up, Tigger and Mochie would go with her.  He knew then and there that she was the one.  When we made our journey across the ocean, we unfortunately could not take our two feline companions with us.  However, they have found a great temporary home with our friends in San Rafael, where we took these recent pictures.  We miss them dearly.  This one’s for you, boys, “Tigrou” and “Monkey.”


 (10:50)                                                                             (17:12)

An apartment on rue des Grands Augustins.  Though we are known to stop and stare at random buildings on our frequent walks in Paris, the one with the large green doors that appears twice in the movie is actually the apartment that Les Verts stayed at when they visited Paris.  For one week in May, we made a trek to number 3, rue des Grands Augustins on the Left Bank every day to begin our day with Nez’s sister and her family.



The best crêpe place in Paris.  While we still refer to it as “Joie and the Language Chameleon’s crêpe place,” the best place in Paris to get a freshly made version of this savory snack is Creperie des Arts (the “s” in “des” has fallen off a long time ago) on rue Saint André des Arts.


 (9:23)                                                                               (17:50)                                                (10:20)

A disclaimer of sorts.  No laws or hygienic standards were knowingly violated in the making of this movie.  No such representation could be made about the rules of wardrobe and prop consistency.


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