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   If it looks like a duck.

If it looks like a duck then it is definitely a duck.  Yes, that is a duck on our seal.  While we don’t have an obsession with ducks generally (we do, however, love duck in French cooking) and neither of us is astrologically a duck (surely, it is an astrological sign somewhere), we have chosen it to represent this period of our lives in Paris.  For the time being, our home situates high above rue des Canettes – French for “ducklings.”  From our window, we can look down upon a large mosaic of just one such creature on the street below.

Yet, as words sometimes have two meanings, la canette also means a bottle or a can of beer.   (In some places, it is even used to order a pint of beer.)  Thus, it is apt that there is a host of bars along our street that never sleeps and the sounds that waft upward in the middle of the night, far from being an annoyance, bring a certain flavor to life in this foreign land, proof, in the words of one of our dear friends, that these are the people who “get it.”


   Those aren’t your initials.

Yes, you might have also noticed the peculiar “S.S.T. N.R.R.” on the seal along with la canette and realize that it is neither of our initials.  It is not.  Rather, it is meant to be another representation of our Parisian life, and specifically, the attitude that we have discovered and try hard to live by.

It stands for “se souvenir de tout, ne rien regretter” – or in our familiar tongue:  “remember everything, regret nothing.”  It is our desire to remember everything in life, bitter or sweet, big or small, and in turn, regret nothing that has happened as it has, obviously, already happened and, like it or not, it surely has shaped the lives we live and the things we will do.


   Once you’re done.

When you’re through with all this wedding stuff, don’t forget to check out the other pages of our web site.  After all, we don’t spend all of our time here making wedding plans.  That would be frivolous.  Click here




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